6 bale fixed unit (Recovered)
some of the range
6 bale detachable unit



very quick,safe & easy solution giving all livestock equal opportunity 

because of high demand machines now to be fully manufactured in USA.  Below is photo of feeding out on the ranch Utah USA 40 to 60 bales alfalfa daily at the moment. These dangerous headaches will be a thing of the past!


 "we completed installation of our 6 bale feeder (detachable shown below & in the first video feeding sheep) in June 2016. At the moment Mar 2017 we are feeding in excess of 180 bales per week. Previously our hand feeding comprised 6 men on 3 mornings per week. With this amazing machine one person now completes the job in 3 days on his own."....Noel Pengilly Glenleigh Pastoral Eugowra NSW.

this 6 bale unit can be transferred anytime onto tractor towed 25 feet gooseneck

"SIMPLE,FAST TO FEED OUT,LOW MAINTENANCE & COST EFFECTIVE say "Peter & Fiona Musson have 8 bale feeder 2015 Macarthur Vic Australia

I have found The Sinch to be an incredible solution for feeding out 150-200 bales per week easily by myself in a couple of days. "...Neil Williams Western Victorian farm worker.

Sinch Square Bale Feeders available in models to feed out 2,4,6,8 &10 hay bales per trip.If you have distance to travel the 10 bale model can be loaded to 30-40 bales then unloaded to one layer to feed 10 at a time.

USA Patent Granted No 8371791 (possibly to be launched there in 2017)



The 6 square bale feeder has been working a treat & it has cut down this part of our 8000 acre operation by at least 70 per cent and only requiring one labour unit.
Jerry Clune-sheep farmer, Bringo, Western Australia, 22 April 2014
"Incredibly simple and user friendly hay trailers with automatic string collection. All the string is collected as the bales are fed out!"
"It is very quick, simple and cost effective"
"The 8 square bale feeder model can feed the lot in under 10 minutes!"
"I have installed (April 2013) a 6 square bale feeder machine on an existing trailer, it is such a simple design and is very easy to use. I am very happy with how it has made feeding square bales such an easy job!"
Matt Warnes Dairy Farmer 700 cows. Pyree. N.S.W. Australia.
"The best feeding system for the larger farming enterprises, make it a sinch!"

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Receiving Your New Sinch Square Bale Feeder

  • Square Bale feeders delivered as a fully assembled unit or kit ready for installation on any flat top trailer (Old or New Trailer)
  • We can install this on your old or new trailer or we can access the required size trailer on your behalf.
  • We have very satisfied customers here in Australia stretching from Greenwell Point NSW to Bringo near Geraldton WA.

Onsite Installation available for both bale feeders & backing gates

image below of strip grazing feeding for 4-5 days ahead 

All of our Sinch Square Bale Feeders are sold directly to our clients, so there are no additional dealer costs passed on.

The square hay bales are pushed end to end (any number up to 5) through the rear flaker then one side completed the pushing arm is brought back to the front, then swung over to feed out the other side-this is the key to the stunning ease, speed & simplicity of this bale feeder! 8 bales can be fed easily in under 10 minutes!

This square bale feeder is really simple, tough, durable, foolproof and a one person operation. It is extraordinarily impressive in operation with just one hydraulic motor operating the entire machine smoothly & effortlessly without the operator getting a sore neck!

Delivered to your farm in kit form ready for installation.The kit weighs approximately 500 kg in a crate measuring 1200 x 950 x 530 mm and the monorail steel is ordered in locally. Some of our customers complete much of the preparatory work themselves. One person can complete the installation in under 3 working days.

Contact Sinch Bale Feeders Now - your queries are most welcome and will be promptly answered!

Sinch Square Bale Feeder Advantages

The most common/popular feeding rate is approximately 1-2 bales / minute and it never jams in smooth continuous operation.But it can be quicker(1 bale per 18 seconds if needed 8 bales can be fed out in under 3 minutes!) or slower depending on customer requirements.

Sinch Square Bale Feeder Models

Available in sizes-2,4,6,8 & 10 

  • Dual Roles: The 8 Square bale feeder model has capacity of 32 bales per trip and the 10 bale trailer feeder model has capacity of 40 bales per trip especially convenient if the trailer has quick hitch capability.
  • Trailer use is generally undiminished!
  • Extremely safe labour saver -operates from just one cab hydraulic lever- only 2 hoses, no electrics.
  • Sinch Square Bale Flaker- breaks up bales into ideal sized flakes.
    Farmers comment on higher feeding efficiencies (less spoilage) with well spaced flakes.
  • Automatic string retrieval (View Video) .Minimal maintenance (only 3 moving parts)
  • All Sinch Square Bale Feeders ™ are Hydraulic.
  • New and old farm trailers, old silage wagons and any flat top platform can have these machines installed.
  • Come with a 12 month guarantee.
  • The sinch mechanism primary components are of extremely strong highly durable steel sourced from the mining industry with a working load capability much greater than what is required, resulting in the Sinch Bale Feeder lasting for many,many years with virtually nil maintenance.
  • Very little loss of valuable leaf in clovers, lucerne/alfalfa etc because this machine does not shatter, process or tease fodder and the flakes land on the ground relatively intact.

International Relations and Sales

We are looking for a USA partner/manufacturer to enter the USA marketplace.Ideally we are searching for a USA based partner and are willing to talk to any prospective. We have USA Patent, Full Drawings and DXF Files!