10 bales quickly to 1000 heifers Redd Agri La Sal Utah USA
5 of 10 bales just fed same mob Utah
6 bale detachable unit Glenleigh Past Eugowra NSW AUS

Sinch Square Bale Feeder

In 2016 Noel Pengilly "Glenleigh Pastoral" Eugowra NSW came up with the concept of detachable units & below is a 25 feet platform ready for installation

These detachable platforms come in 25 feet & 18 feet & this one has just been fabricated ready for installation

a 25 feet platform (6 bale) ready for KIT installation

Feeding Farm Efficiency

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All these square bale feeders are installed with identical Sinch Kit components

Click on photos for brief explanation

Large Sinch Trailer
4.5 bale fed from 6 bale feeder displays string automatically collected
500 Cows Just Fed 3 Bales
old silage cart chassis ready for Sinch conversion
24 foot Trailer. (feeds 6 x 8 foot square bales.)
10 bale Sinch. (45 foot trailer)
Feeds 8 x 8 foot Square bales
Trailer pre Sinch.
Trailer pre Sinch
 Semi Trailer after Sinch Bale Feeder has been fitted for 8 bale feedout.

Sinches and Cattle
cows enjoying a flake
There is far less waste with well placed flakes.
There is far less waste with well placed flakes.
Some of The Sinch Bale Feeder Range and some square bale silage.
Some of The Sinch Square Bale Feeder Range
Cattle eating canola
Cattle being fed

enough for a few days strip grazed