10 bales quickly to 1000 head Redd Agri La Sal Utah USA
8 bale unit on 33 feet semi Fernleigh Park VIC AUS
8 Bale Feeder feedinginprogress
6 bale detachable unit Glenleigh Past Eugowra NSW AUS


Feeding Farm Efficency

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               'Simple,fast to feed out, low maintenance & cost effective' Peter & Fiona Musson Macarthur Western Victoria      Australia    


'IN 2013 we purchased a 6 square bale feeder it is such a simple design and is very easy to use.I am very happy with how it has made feeding square bales such an easy job."
Matt Warnes-700 cow Dairy Farmer Pyree New South Wales Australia
"I have been very impressed with the ease of loading and unloading the Sinch Square Bale Feeder. Hand feeding silage from the back of a ute was hard, heavy work taking a toll on my health.Now I can sit and drive and feed out 4 bales of silage to 4 mobs of sheep in one round trip without the need to leave the comfort of the drivers seat.We have a four bale Sinch Square Bale Feeder"
Peter McCallum- Limestone Coast- Naracoorte South Australia
"We purchased our 6 bale feeder Sep 2013 We feed our own oaten hay to our sheep and have slashed feeding out time" Because oaten hay falls apart easily we did not request a flaker at the rear thus it has the capability to feed out 10 bales per trip. A truly operator friendly machine with just one grease nipple. "
Jerry Clunes "Newmarracarra"- Bringo-Western Australia
"After morning milking,silage feeding to our 420 dairy herd is now a relatively quick and easy task (completed before 9 am) freeing up a lot of valuable time'. We have a 6  Sinch Square Bale Feeder "
Kerri Johnston- The Sisters- Western Victoria Australia
"I have a detachable 2 bale Sinch Square Bale Feeder that is quick & easy to put on and take off when we are not feeding out.This foolproof machine is great for for feeding the young stock which are 5 kms away.
Peter Hobbs- East Framlingham- Western Victoria Australia
"Believe it or not I now enjoy feeding out 30-40 bales per day! Going on 9 years we are yet to have any trouble.Takes approximately one third of the time is safe,extremely robust, efficient and trouble free.String feature is fantastic" We have an 8 Bale Feeder. Neil Williams-Farm Manager -The Sisters= Western Victoria Australia.
We have a 2 bale machine that we tow behind the ute. It is driven from the electrics of the ute.My wife Jay does most of the feeding and finds it  remarkably easy to use.Jay & Jim Fischer "Echo Downs" Yanac Victoria Australia
 We recieved our 8 bale Sinch Bale Feeders inn 2015 & are extremely happy with it.  Thyne McGregor " Willalooka Pastoral Company Willalooka South Australia 
We have a 6 bale unit. It is the best hay feeding solution I have come across. Heather & Dale Perkins " Penola Park " Mount Gambier South Australia