10 bales quickly to 1000 heifers Redd Agri La Sal Utah USA
8 bale unit on 33 feet semi Fernleigh Park VIC AUS
8 Bale Feeder feedinginprogress
6 bale detachable unit Glenleigh Past Eugowra NSW AUS


Feeding Farm Efficiency

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Closely observe these videos & you will notice the string collecting on the rope. The rope can be emptied of the string after each feeding event or allowed to build up over several trips.

All videos are actual real time. The speed of feed out rate can be adjusted to suit individual customers simply by adjusting the hydraulics. All modern tractors have an adjusting dial knob in the cab or rear of tractor to change the hydraulics. The average speed of feed out is 3-5 YARDS per minute.,BUT THE PUSHING ARM CAN BE SENT BACK AT 40 FEET PER MINUTE

Top left video 6 bale truck detachable commissioning June 2016 lucerne/alfalfa at Glenleigh Pastoral Eugowra NSW (note string collection)

Top right video displaying hinged,spring loaded & adjustable flaker
Middle left video 6 bale feeder feeding alfalfa/lucerne - 11.9%moisture,13 prot,9.2 me
Middle right video cutting and tying strings to rope for string retrieval
Bottom left video bale feeder feeding silage - 53%moisture,17 prot, 10.5 me
Bottom right video bale feeder feeding silage - 53%moisture,17 prot, 10.5 me